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Our Story

1. Humble Beginnings
In the 1940s, two brothers from New York opened Finger Fashions, manufacturing high-end leather gloves and selling them to men’s shops. City by city, store by store, the brothers knocked on doors, slowly building their brainchild into a successful, growing business.

Our Story

2. Continued Growth
As the need grew, so did the company. Under our new name Gloves for Professionals, the humble brand from the 40s continued to exceed the expectations of every customer, retaining its reputation for high-quality products, incredible service, and affordable pricing. 75 years later, the GFP brand is going strong, meeting the ever-growing need and consistently exceeding expectations. It’s a role we’re proud to fill.

Our Story

3. Focus Shift
Ufberg expanded the Finger Fashions line to include gloves that met the needs of his customer base - firemen, policemen, crossing guards, and postal & construction workers. Very quickly, the brand became known as the go-to line of quality gloves at affordable prices for those in active duty positions.

Our Story

4. A Strategic Merge
As styles changed and synthetic materials entered the market for fashion gloves, the demand for the popular leather gloves waned. In 1995, the brothers sold their self-built company to Howard Ufberg, owner of Starr Uniform, the retail uniform and equipment store for active professionals.

Our Mission

When it comes to necessities, no one should be forced to give up on quality because of cost.
Since our inception ¾ of a century ago, we’ve been driven by the mission to avail the public of the highest quality gloves at affordable prices.
Through ownership changes and focus shifts, the singular mission has remained the same.

Our Promise

Quality. Functionality. Endurance.
We’ve got your hands covered.
When you choose GFP, you choose the peace of mind of knowing your gloves will serve you well in whichever capacity you need them.

Our 99% customer satisfaction rate.

When our customers are happy, we're happy.

“In over 10 years of selling the GFP gloves, their hi-vis line has been especially popular with our customers. Firefighters, police officers and crossing guards use these gloves daily and appreciate that the GFP hi-vis gloves are high quality and yet still within their budget.”
Annette Zelauskas, A2Z Emblems,
Burlington NJ
“We’ve been doing business with Finger Fashions since 2010, and they’re the best selling gloves in our shop. Our customers are always happy with the products and the quality.”
Paul Elliott, Ann’s Uniforms Otto,
North Carolina
"GFP carries a great line of unsurpassed quality gloves, excellent prices, and amazing service!"
Mike, Allie Brothers,
Livonia, Michigan
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